Sudoku Tips is to learn Sudoku techniques. It's a game for advanced Sudoku players.

Sudoku Tips make it super easy to learn Sudoku. Sudoku Tips begins with some basic Sudoku puzzles and it gives you immediate feedback on correct moves to learn how to play Sudoku. Sudoku Tips also has a built-in Sudoku solver to help to find the next logical move in case you get stuck on some puzzle.

Sudoku Tips is really meant for advanced Sudoku players. Sudoku Tips introduces new Sudoku techniques gradually - but very-very fast! That fast pacing makes smooth learning curve for experienced Sudoku players, but I have to warn you that Sudoku Tips is really not very suitable for beginners.

Sudoku Tips has a game mode known as Sudoku problems. Sudoku problems are similar to chess endgame problems where you need to find only the next logical move(s) without solving the whole Sudoku puzzle. That's why Sudoku Tips is probably the fastest way to learn Sudoku techniques.

Sudoku Tips is to learn advanced Sudoku techniques, which you can use to solve many more challenging Sudoku puzzles - and to impress your friends.

That really sounds fun, doesn't it :)

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